All information is from public records located in Hart County Tax Office. If you have any questions contact Board of Assessors Chairman Lowell Macher or Chief Appraiser J. Wayne Patrick. 706-376-3997
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Hart County GA. Property Digest Values Changed
 Between July and November 2011

The Hart County Tax Commissioner's Office has introduced a new online service for checking on your tax bill!
"Be aware - this query does NOT show ADJUSTMENTS to tax bills. Ex: If a tax bill has been adjusted (and many bills have been), the Bill Amount will not be the ORIGINAL Bill Amount. This Query will only show the NET tax bill amount after adjustments have been made. Also, the Interest Field will only show the computed interest on the unpaid amount since tax bill due date - not the amount of interest actually paid (if any). Please note the wide variations from year to year of some tax bills for the same parcel."